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Well, i got a ton of really great emails encouraging me with the website, and that is pretty damn cool. I am trying to track down software at the moment.

So I'm watching the Showtime series "Dexter" which I just started watching , and I'm lovin it. It is stickdeath at it's core. but I was sitting there like who does this guy Dexter remind me of....and it was realling bugging me, then I realize I am thinking he looks like Jack Stick (see link below) really funny....they could be brothers.

My new email is StickDeath_reborn@yahoo.com drop me a note. I don't think I will have time to read any other email at any other address you see on here, so if you have something to say....use the reborn address.

Cheers,  Rob

Loyal StickDeath fans will think this is friggin awesome! (Dexter look alike) (If you've seen my Jack Stick animations)


Thanks Chris M.!!!!!!    I hope you hear me laughing!

It's been over a year...maybe two...but the Martyr Machine is BAAAAAAAAAAAAck!!!  Click here

StickDeath wallpaper Click Here
Kids Arrested for drawing stick figures. Click Here
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Unattended off switch

Operator not available

2004 Anti Autotheft devices

5 new deadly models.

Becoming Unglued

When you TOTALLY lose your shit.

Extreme MotoX

Freestyle death

2003 Anti-Autotheft devices

6 exciting new models. Give them a run.

5 MOCA (Whisky in the jar)

This was mentioned by Lars in a video on Metallica.com (New Years)...and as things go for me...he gets the address wrong. I don't care though...that was cool!

Meet the talibans

Checking in on those misguided religious cowards;


Watch an anger management student as he deals with a "situation"

 Inside the Kill Box

Thought I'd kill 2 birds with one stone...Another long loader at about 1.3MB. That sucking sound you hear is bandwidth.

 The carrot patch

 Flash Player 6 is required (link provided on the page). I think I finally got it out of my system. Over 3 minutes long, but also a slow loader at 1.32 MB. What can I say?

 A Horror Novel

 He's Back...and that can't be a good thing.

 Final Al-Qaida-Cam

 View after you've seen the other recordings above.

 Jack Stick...New Episode added.

A change of pace...don't worry. He's cleaning up.
See the intro...then Episode 1

 Tony Rawk's StickDeath Skatepark...

Bottom line...An SD must see

 Wheel Of Justice -A Game

The StickDeath answer to distributing the relief fund money while eliminating the al-qaida prisoners.

 2002 Anti Auto Theft Devices

The latest batch of punishing devices.
Play Play

 Martyr Machine  (Extreme Animated Violence)

An angry American's vent for the cowardly bastards that were responsible for the 9/11 attacks.




SD Partial Band Link
*Scum Of The Earth
*Lamb Of God
*Drowning Pool

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 The Carrot Patch
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 5 MOCA (whisky in the jar)
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 Give it up, Bud.
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 Body Count
 Scum of the earth
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