S.D. Games

"Wheel Of Justice"- Rake in the cash, take out the trash. Different results every game

"SBOX"-Game 1 "Stone the Bastage". OK...so it isn't quite Microsoft quality, but it isn't $350 either.

"Bagarag"- Wipe out the fleeing terrorists

"CrackHouse Cleanup"- Living next to a crack house.

S.W.A.T. Special Edition - The slow speed chase ended....now what?

New Game demo 4   The 3 Wheeler is gone, but the game remains

S.W.A.T.   Sticks With Ass-kick'n Tactics

"Escape From Greenville"-Out of gas in Greenville, can you make it out?


I'm sure I forgot a few...let me know if you know of something I missed in my game list.

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2005Rob Lewis