Websites Archive Roadmap

-1996 - Home of the Future Splash!
-1996 - The Simpsons Website!
-1999 - (Oldest Version) Under Construction

-2001 - (When Everything Changed) Under Construction
-2001 - Undergrads Online
-2004 - (Last Visual Update) Under Construction

-2011 - ("Reborn")

The list is separated in three tiers, pretty easy to guess, wich might actually need you to switch browsers if you plan to hop around a lot. First, I recommend Netscape Navigator 9. I know, I know! But seriously, it IS the best browser to get around my website, so either you whine about it and give up or you can go here. Everything is provided as is, but I think my explanation on the page will do you much good, so be sure to read. With this one, you should be able to properly see everything AND use the flash plugin (also provided here). With theses plugins, you'll be pretty much ready for any splash/flash files ahead, but that browser tend be quite "secure" when it comes to javascript and some inner functions for the splash files.

An even older browser is handy in those case, but Windows 10 is not gentle about older programs, almost anything from before 2006 will simply fail to start their installer. The solution was a bit of hacking, I took times to The solution for now is to simply have Windows XP computer or a Windows XP Virtual Machine. Much easier for everyone, at least for now.