Welcome to The Old Internet Portal! Ver 1.0!

This is a new begining, as the official opening of the archive is NOW! First and foremost, I will say this:

"Title 17, section 108 of the U.S. Code permits libraries and archives to use copyrighted material in specific ways without permission from the copyright holder. This does not replace fair use, which is codified in section 107. Librarians, archivists, and library users can rely on fair use just like everyone else"   [More]

Now that this is out of the way, let's continue shall we?
This website will be "Under Construction" prety much all the times, meaning we'll always be adding new entries to The Archives, and maybe even new functionality as times goes! We aim at hosting a good collection of vintage internet stuff for nostalgic peoples, but also to make it easily and openely available to the public. We have the goal to try and bring back something that "Internet 2.0" seems to have destroyed; online privacy and diversity. While we are working as Archivist, our bigger goal is to set up a space were peoples from all around the world will be able to communicate, share and have fun, all the while being anonymous in the comfort of their homes
We dont plan on bending any of the Tech Giants(Google, FaceBook, Apple, etc...) but rather help peoples face the fact that they are NOT the only means to go on the web, connect with peoples or even enjoy media. No, everyone should know that THEY have the power to do what they want online and the should NOT have to disclose their identity to go online. Who knows, but for now what matter is the content of this webpage:

Content of the Website

The Archive This is the main interest of this place, at least to me. This section will benefit from more updates than the others, I think.
Softwares This is where I'll keep you up to date about everything software related, but mostly "Outdated" stuff anyways. Also the place to download browsers, pluggins and other neat little things...
Links Links to other websites I found to be rather easy(even better in some cases) to navigate on Netscape, Windows XP, and even an Ipod Touch 1st Gen! Also links to resources about internet, HTML and shits like that.
News This is where I'll try to keep you informed about what is up with this place, check sometimes.

Great Stuff!!

Walk in the Park StickDeath Survivors
Part I Meet the SuperBeast! Day 1 10 Prisoners, given the chance to avoid being executed
in a Survivors-Type Game. YOUR job should be clear.
Part II Polices are on the way! Day 2 The 2nd day, prisoners are placed on a circular
track on wich they must run and avoid the BloodyBot!
Part III But who'll come for them? Day 3 For the 3rd day, the remaining prisoners are put
in an hardcore Dodge Ball game! with a bowling Ball...
SB Challenge! Try me! I Warned you! Day 4 On Day 4, the prisoners are forced to vote to eliminates
one of thems. Make sure one scumbag meet his maker...
A Night Out Interlude Day 5 Welcome to the BattleDome! Today we must crunch
the numbers down to 3 survivors for tomorow's Final.
Part IV ENTER S.W.A.T. Day 6 Things takes an interesting turn in theses heated
Finals. It might not be "The End" just yet...
Part V StickDeath Labs Test. Day 7[Intro] On the 7th day, thanks to an unexpected Green victory
victims families will be throwing blades at the Survivors!
The End The End at last. ...or is it?
For Stickburg, yes it is!
For Greenville? Not really...
SB Check! Let's check on the beast in

More Stuffs To Come!!